Kudzu Bakery was founded in 1989 by Joey and Stacy Rabon.  Beginning with just 600 sq. ft. on Front Street in downtown Georgetown, South Carolina, Kudzu Bakery has expanded in both size and reputation over the years.

“Simply Divine”, the slogan of Kudzu Bakery, characterizes our goal to create products with attention to design and taste, equally presentable at home or on a party buffet.  Kudzu tries to be a complete market where customers can shop for what they need to go home and make “a quality meal”.  

We personally try, taste and use 95% of the products that we sell prior to putting them on the shelf.  We hand pick all of the products and choose them carefully for taste, quality, and value.  

We care about the flavor of our products more than anything else.  We think about the serving, how the product can be cut and plated to ensure that it serves well. 

Bakery items are designed to be simple and look like you could have made them yourself.  Our products are hand made and consistent in quality, ingredients, and taste but not necessarily in shape or appearance.  They “look homemade”.  Items are prepared in a way as to be presentable at a dinner party.  We strive for perfection in flavor with a presentable homemade look.  

We strive to be “Total Kudzu” where you can come and get an entrée, bread, dessert, appetizer, wine, starch, and vegetable and make an entire meal.  Even if you need a particular utensil or pan to prepare your meal, we have that available as well.